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Olia Kerzhner

I am an Executive Coach, specializing in working with Tech Leaders -- Principal Engineers, Directors, VPs and Founders. 

Hi, I'm Olia

I help senior technical folks reach the next level of effectiveness and productivity while increasing joy and ease in their work life.

I will help you get deeper clarity and understanding of your work situation; and uncover the skills and abilities that have been waiting for you, just beyond your current awareness.

I apply the knowledge and experience gained from my 25+ year engineering career, combined with 11+ years of expertise and training in 'inner sciences, to offer you personalized and effective tools for your unique situation.

Technology is easy.  People are hard.

That's what I learned in my 25+ years working for tech companies.  I was a software engineer for over 2 decades, the second decade leading complex large-scale projects at Amazon and Google.  The more senior I got, the more I realized that even in "tech" companies, it's all about the people.  We work with technology, but first and foremost we work with people.  

People are incredibly complex and mysterious systems, with puzzling interfaces and no manuals.  And I don't just mean other people, but first and foremost I mean YOU.  You are "people".  You are the most important person that affects your life, your work, your effectiveness and your contentment.  


The more you understand yourself, your hidden processes and patterns, your unconscious beliefs and blindspots, the more freedom you will have to choose your actions and reactions, to shape your reality.  Your communication skills, your ability to unfold your potential and to influence others will grow, and you will enjoy greater ease, harmony and fun.

That's what I do -- I help my clients explore and better understand themselves and the reality they live in.  The focus of my work is to help you increase your awareness at a deep, embodied level.  Increased awareness is what untangles internal conflicts and leads to simplicity and ease of actions and reactions.

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