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Who is coaching for?

I often get asked what kind of issues are appropriate for coaching.  Really, anything that you would like to improve or change in your work life is a perfect entry point into a coaching engagement.  Anything from a vague “I’m just not enjoying my work, but I’m not sure why or what to do about it” to a very specific “I want to get promoted next year!” can be addressed and worked on during a coaching engagement.  


Some of the most common themes that my clients come to me with:

  • Getting promoted to the next level

  • Handling and managing the overwhelm of having too much to do

  • Dealing with burnout and/or stagnation at work

  • Figuring out the elusive “Executive Presence” and how to embody it

  • Improving relationships with coworkers and/or management

  • Honing their people skills in general

  • Becoming an effective manager, whether for a small team or a huge org

  • Learning to handle challenging people

  • Increasing scope, growing to the next level of effectiveness

  • Figuring out career path and direction

  • Increasing influence and building consensus

  • Finding joy in their work

  • Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

The magical thing about coaching is that as we work on whatever issues you have brought, the skills and practices you are learning will bring unexpected benefits to other areas of your work life.  

If your situation does not match any of the examples above, don’t worry.  Even if you are entirely unsure of what your next step or area of growth should be, coaching is perfect to help you find your direction!  Shoot me an email at and we can start the conversation.

The mechanics of setting up a Coaching Engagement

Step 1: Reach Out
Step 2: Intro Session
Step 3: Coaching

Reach out to me at and share a bit about yourself and what you are looking for.  Your LinkedIn profile link is helpful if we haven't met.

Book an intro session so we can get to know each other and assess fit.
An intro session is 75 minutes long and costs $200.  
You can book an intro session here.

Coaching Engagement: we sign a coaching contract and you pre-pay in full for 10 coaching sessions.  Each session is 75 minutes long, typically we meet bi-weekly.  The cost is $5000.  All sessions take place via Zoom.

Group Classes

Group Classes & Workshops

Group classes and workshops are a powerful way to go deep on a topic and open up your awareness of your established patterns, so that you gain the freedom to change them as works best for you.  The participants in the group classes will be experienced and accomplished leaders, you will be among peers and will benefit from their experience and insights. 


All my group classes are small (up to 12  people), and highly interactive.  Expect to talk in the group, expect to go deep in breakout partner work with other participants.  Expect the wisdom of the group to bring insights, and expect to feel supported and seen in the struggles you bring to the table.


You will learn specific tools that are pertinent to the topic, and will get the chance to practice them with other group members and on your own as homework.  Just as my 1-1 sessions, these tools will include a medley from spiritual traditions and pragmatic business tools used by tech companies.

Group class size is very small, and they fill up fast!  

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Please feel free to reach out to with any and all inquiries, I'd love to hear about your needs and brainstorm the best way I can help.

Here are some of the ways I work with companies...
1-1 Coaching

You can engage me for 1-1 coaching for your senior technical leaders.   See more details and pricing, or reach out to me

for a custom package.

Group Classes & Workshops

You can engage me to run a group class/workshop for your employees.  You can choose a class from my existing repertoire, or we can work together to create a class specifically tailored to your needs.   


If you are interested in fine-tuning your organization's structure, mechanisms and processes, or are looking for a major overhaul, I can help.

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