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  • Olia Kerzhner

4 Reasons why you need to be writing PR/FAQs

4 Reasons why you need to be writing PR/FAQs

This is Part 2 in the PR/FAQ Primer series, you can find Part 1 on LinkedIn and on my website:

In this article we will look at some of the reasons PR/FAQ is such an amazing tool for anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life and why you should use it.

Reason #1: Impress others

Presenting your ideas and proposals in a PR/FAQ format is a slick move that will show your management and your teammates that you are a serious and competent professional, who puts a lot of thought and consideration into their work. Whether your proposal ultimately goes forward or not, you will garner respect for how well you presented it, and give it the best chance of being accepted and implemented. With your PR/FAQ you are creating an artifact of the work you put in researching and thinking through your proposal. It will become a part of your portfolio of work that people will examine when it’s time for your promotion.

Reason #2: A crucial manifestation step

Whenever you create something new, a project, a product, a feature, a team, anything that has a manifestation in the material world, you are making a magical jump from the realm of thoughts and ideas to the physical realm of humans. That transformation from pure thought is a challenging step that requires skill and courage, and those who master it are the ones who are most effective and successful in their work.

PR/FAQ is the perfect exercise to translate the plan that seems so brilliant and obvious in your head, into something tangible and concrete that you can share with other people. It is always a surprise how the process of writing down your idea refines and crystallizes it, and how different it looks once it’s down on paper. PR/FAQ gives you the discipline and the structure to go from something amorphous that seems so clear to you in the shower, to something concrete that can be created.

Reason #3: Excellent mechanism for communicating ideas

Whenever you’re proposing a new something, you’re looking for buy-in from other people. Even if you are the only one who is going to be working on this idea, you still need your manager and your team to understand and support what you’re doing. You need to be able to talk about it, they need to be able to talk about it, and that requires that the thing you’re working on has a Name, a Purpose, a description, and an ETA. All this will be efficiently and clearly described in your PR/FAQ.

Once you create a PR/FAQ, you have a document that can be passed around, your idea has a physical manifestation that lives independently from you in the human world. Your PR/FAQ gives your idea a substance, a reality in people’s minds, and it gives them the way to contribute and support you in creating it. Those who like your idea can now easily advocate for it by simply handing someone your well-written PR/FAQ. They don’t have to try to remember all the reasons and arguments, or try to recreate your verbal pitch. They can simply forward a document that includes all that in an easy to digest format.

By writing a PR/FAQ you are giving your brain child the best chances of being accepted and implemented.

Reason #4: Deep Dark Magic

Ok, bear with me here. We’re going to take a step away from our Relentless Pragmatism and look at a PR/FAQ from the point of view of Deep Dark Magic. By “Deep Dark Magic” I refer to forces, laws and other things that cannot currently be measured, proved or disproved by empirical means, but nevertheless are very much present in our lives, affecting everything we do. Spirituality, psychotherapy, psychology all try to study and analyze these things, with varying degrees of success, so stay alert and vigilant, and use your own judgment of what resonates with you and what doesn’t.

One of the models I use in my work with clients and my own inner work is that our subconscious is vastly powerful, hooked into the universal network, and is eager to help us accomplish what we want. All we need to do is figure out a way to clearly communicate with it, to state our true intent. Unfortunately that’s not a simple thing, as our minds are full of conflicting chattering voices that spew out non-stop nonsense.

So we need mechanisms to state our intent clearly and crisply, and the act of writing a PR/FAQ is one such mechanism. It lets our subconscious know that we’re serious about making this thing happen, we did the work to specify it clearly, and we’re committed to implementing it. It is the powerful step of stating our intent to the Universe.

Now our subconscious (and the Universe) can do its job of helping us. In the most pragmatic non-magical ways it might simply bring us new ideas, or make us notice the people and opportunities that can help us build our thing. Or it might do magical things that will seem like lucky coincidences that come our way completely unexpectedly. How it happens is not our concern, our job is to clearly state our intent to our subconscious, and we can do it by writing a simple PR/FAQ.

If these concepts are new to you and sound strange, don’t worry about it. I will be covering more Deep Dark Magic concepts in future articles. For now, simply write your PR/FAQs, and then observe what happens. Notice how the world reacts to it, and what support comes your way once you do your work sincerely.


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